Andrew Greenberg (hdiandrew) wrote in potfest,
Andrew Greenberg

Civic Duty and All That

Well, I was going to put up a voting guide, but Cyro has already posted a good one:

The only additions I would make are the Creative Loafing endorsements:

And the AJC endorsements

While I don’t especially agree with either, they do provide two of the best consolidated looks at various candidates and races

And, after you’ve voted and then scrubbed the filth of this year’s election from your body, come out to Lenny’s for:

An Election Night Party for the Rest of Us

Featuring Cowboy Mouth’s Sonia Tetlow, poet/activist Alice Lovelace, Nan Garrett, The Jolly Beggars, Lucky Stray and more
Where: Lenny’s (486 Decatur St., Atlanta, GA,
When: 7 – 11 pm, November 7
$5 donation goes to the Georgia Green Party’s efforts to reform and open ballot access in Georgia
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